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2019 Superhero Walk

They say 2019 is the year of the Superhero. The Avengers redefined the superhero genre with Endgame and Cosplay is rightly becoming a respected industry of its own. Everywhere, people are inspired by what superheroes stand for; justice, bravery, sacrifice and at a time when the world is becoming more divided, it’s just what we need.

I knew in 2019 I had to step it up (pardon the pun). I also knew that if I wanted the Superhero Walk’s impact to grow, I needed to support a community who really needed it and could activate grass roots superheroes in supporting me.

I’ve spent the last four Superhero Walk’s travelling around NSW, helping regional communities and kids doing it tough which has been incredibly rewarding. This year I wanted to help my local community. So I reached out to my local primary school, Maroubra Bay Public who turns out really need a new playground for their K-2 students. The playground will cost $24,000 which got me thinking……

24, 24, 24. That number kept nagging me until one night on a long walk, it hit me like Thor’s hammer. 24 hours, 24 superheroes, $24,000. Of course!

So that’s what this year’s Superhero Walk is all about; I’m going to walk for 24 hours around Heffron Park in Maroubra, dressed as 24 different superheroes (a new superhero each hour) to raise $24,000 for Maroubra Bay Public School.

And this is the best bit; for the first time I’m inviting you to join me! Come dressed in your best superhero costume on Saturday 21 September between 12pm – 5pm or Sunday 22 September between 7am – 12pm. A small team of superheroes will keep me going throughout the night and early morning. More information here.

The Superhero Walk has grown from a seed of an idea to something far bigger and better than I could have ever hoped. I truly love the act of giving, making a difference to kids doing it tough and I’m deeply grateful for all the people and sponsors who support me.

Come experience the Superhero Walk this year and help me make a difference for the kids at Maroubra Bay Public School, 1 step at a time.

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