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"Superhero Walk pledges to provide 2,000 meals for Goulburn school kids."

Foodbank’s Rumbling Tummies Report found “22% of children experienced food insecurity in 2017. 18% of children from food insecure households go to school without eating breakfast, 15% go to school without a packed lunch or lunch money and 11% go to bed without eating any dinner.”

The Superhero Walk is taking on our biggest mission yet. We’re determined to provide 2,000 kids in Goulburn with a nutritious breakfast and a packed healthy lunch.

In 2018, the Superhero Walk is supporting Angels for the Forgotten and their rise and Shine Program which provides kids with breakfast and a healthy packed lunch. This amazing local charity is helping thousands of marginalised Goulburn families during these tough times.

From 26-30 September our merry team of superheroes will be walking from Canberra to Goulburn.

“North and South Goulburn public school take part in the program. If we can, we help any school that asks including Tirrannaville, Lake Bathurst, Braidwood and Crookwell. But we never have enough to meet the demand. We had to turn away three schools last year, we didn’t have the money to buy the produce. That makes things really difficult. Farmers are telling us they’ve had to use the last of their money to buy feed and water for their animals. And then they just don’t have money left for food at home” says Founder Melina Skidmore.

“Many kids in Goulburn go without food. Instead of worrying about what I was going to learn I was worried about when I can get food next.” Anonymous boy interview by Superhero Walk on the streets of Goulburn.

“Without the help of the Superhero Walk, these kids will go without. There is simply no alternative.” Melina Skidmore, Founder of Angels for the Forgotten.

We’re supporting their Rise and Shine Program which provides kids in Goulburn with a healthy breakfast and a packed lunch. All donations are deeply appreciated, tax deductible and go directly to Angels for the Forgotten.

$33 provides 4 breakfast and lunches

$52 provides 7 breakfast and lunches

$87 provides 11 breakfast and lunches

$110 provides 15 breakfast and lunches

$205 provides 28 breakfast and lunches




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