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The Superhero Walk is here for the little guys, the battlers, the everyday superheroes you rarely hear about.  Those quiet achievers who spend their lives dedicated to helping Australians doing it tough. 


It’s the brainchild of Tasman Cassim who with the arrival of his daughter, quickly understood how lucky his family was “I realised there were so many kids in Australia, one of the richest countries in the world, who were struggling.  But I had no idea where to start, how to help, who to support. 

It was overwhelming.” says Tasman. 


Fast forward to September 2015 where Tasman finds himself sitting in a mobile home (kindly donated by Driveaway Holidays) in Narrandera dressed as the Flash.  “What seemed like a great idea was now questionable, given I was dressed in some very unflattering lycra and was about to walk through a nice, quiet country town.  What have I done, this is crazy!?”says Tasman.  But as he took those first tentative steps he realised the generosity of Australians when a random camper ran the length of the caravan park to give him a fist full of money, a slap on the back and a “good on ya mate”.  He was hooked.


Since then, Tasman has walked all over dressed as his favourite superheroes, raising $62,241 and walked 548 km’s.  Funds raised have gone towards repairing a child’s wheelchair, providing a week’s respite for a family caring for a child with a terminal illness, contributing to a new playground for Maroubra Bay Public School, proving 906 school lunches for kids in Goulburn, purchasing a sleep apnoea machine for a little girl and funding vital mental health research.


“I see this as my life’s work, an opportunity to give something back and make a direct difference to folks who just need a fair go” says Tasman.


Tasman’s lifelong goal is to walk from Sydney to London in 2037 making him the only person in the world to have done so (we think) and most definitely the only person to do it dressed as superheroes!

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