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Superheroes Unite for Bear Cottage

It’s the why which is hardest to answer. The how, what, when, who, can’t happen without the why.

The Superhero Walk was meant to be a one off, something funny to do – a quirky midlife crisis. But it has become much more than that and I get it now. I know now why I do this, why each year I walk 100km dressed as superheroes.

When Superman and I arrived at Bear Cottage on Monday, we had the privilege of meeting some of their families and that’s when the why really hit me. To see what they’re going through, facing the loss of their child, why was suddenly obvious. The catalyst may be the Superhero Walk, but it’s about once a year uniting a special community and with the help of many, significantly changing the lives of a few.

So far we’ve raised a whopping $8,549 for Bear Cottage! Donations are still open if you’re able to help us get to $10,000 and provide a week’s respite for a family at Bear Cottage. Donate here.

We had incredible support from DriveAway Holidays who gave us our home away from home. Many businesses along the way rallied and donated with the Narrabeen Sands Hotel raising $1,000 from their local community. More people donated to the Superhero Walk than ever before. We were even on the news and people everywhere stopped to get a photo with us! The further we walked, the more people knew about us and the bigger it got. It was a truly extraordinary and humbling experience.

See you next year as we head back out to regional Australia and help kids doing it tough, 1 step at a time.




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