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What would you do?

I honestly don’t know what I’d do. Rage, anger followed by grief and despair would find me paralysed in the foetal position.

But then I’d see my daughter and realise I couldn’t fall apart, I’m not the one dying. She is and she needs her dad. I’d pick myself up and get on with it. But get on with what?

This is happening to over 5,000 Australian kids and their families, right now. Most of these kids will die in hospitals away from their homes with little chance to live their last days as a kid. The really lucky ones will find Bear Cottage and as a family spend their final days supported, cared for and loved. I’ve had the privilege of visiting Bear Cottage for this year’s Superhero Walk and am absolutely stunned at the difference they make to these kids and their families lives.

From the moment you enter you’re greeted with smiles, warmth, laughter and love. Each family has their own room along with hydrotherapy, multi-sensory and multimedia rooms and a parents retreat. Beautiful meals are prepared and 24 hour nurses provide medical assistance, administer medications and offer support and guidance to the kids and their families.

It is quite simply, one of the most extraordinary defiance’s I’ve seen.

Whilst death is inevitable, here, life is for living.

The Superhero Walk is going to raise $10,000 for Bear Cottage which will care for 1 family for 1 week.

Can you help us make the difference?

Please make your tax deductible donation here.

The Superhero Walk had the great opportunity to meet Claire from Bear Cottage; see her story below.

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