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Is this even possible?

Laid before me is tomorrow’s superhero outfit and I’m pretty sure its mocking me. Weeks ago I ordered some costumes online which didn’t arrive so I find myself staring at whatever the $2 shop had. And it ain’t pretty.

Last year’s Superhero Walk had me in tailor made lycra outfits that left little to the imagination. Which in my condition, is not a good thing. Luckily I was walking dirt roads in the Riverina miles from anyone and the cows didn’t seem to care. But this thing. This polyester, one size too big, made for a fancy dress party costume is going to make things very interesting. My sister has forbidden me wearing lycra claiming I needed to “step it up”. Easy for her to say as I stare at the alternative.

Why did I think this was a good idea?

But true to the cause, tomorrow lunch time I’ll be striding through Sydney’s CBD dressed in said costume with a cumbersome Superhero Walk sign above my head so people don’t confuse me for a new home delivery pizza service.

Of course I’ll be taking my first steps to reaching Shellharbour on Sunday and raising $10,000 for sick, disadvantaged and disabled kids in the Illawarra.

You’ll be hearing more from us this week as I send a daily wrap up with all the adventures. Follow our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for more details.

So let me ask you;

How much would you give to see me dressed as a superhero and walk through the heart of Sydney tomorrow?

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