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The Superhero Walk raises money for communities doing it tough.  Each year we walk for a different cause and shine a light on the superheroes

you rarely hear about. 


There are so many Sydney siders slipping through the cracks right now.  Tonight as you’re reading this, at least 254 people will sleep rough and 592 will be in crisis and temporary accommodation

Wayside Chapel logo - black text, white background.jpg

I’ve long admired the incredible work of Wayside Chapel who, with fearless love, create a community with no ‘us and them’.  They do this by breaking down the barriers of judgement and providing a safe place where people from all walks of life

are welcome.


They operate vital support services in Kings Cross and Bondi as well outreach programs.  More info here.

“When I come here, I am treated with dignity and respect. Being able to come to Wayside and have a shower and wash my clothes stops me from slipping into despair. Feeling clean and having something to eat makes all the difference.” Wayside guest.


In a typical week Wayside will provide 269 showers, over 1,000 low cost meals, 322 changes of clothes and underwear and 47

instances of care coordination.


They place dignity, respect and love at the heart of their approach. Their programs and spaces see everyone as a person to be met,

not a problem to be solved.


Wayside’s Pastor Emeritus, the Rev Graham Long AM once said about Wayside, “we're not much like a church, which is fine if you're not

much like a Christian”!


Thank you so so much for supporting this year’s Superhero Walk.  All donations go directly to Wayside Chapel and help fund their vital

programs and services.

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