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Meet Sebastian; #superherowalk

Sebastian was born with axonal polyneuropathy; a neurological disorder that occurs when some of your peripheral nerves shut down at the same time. Thanks to KidzWish and the kindness of Sebastian’s school, the community came together and raised the funds to get Sebastian a new wheelchair. One student gave up his chance to go to the Australian basketball championships, choosing to give his donations to Sebastian.

Each year the Superhero Walk raises money for niche charities who support kids doing it tough. The superheroes you rarely hear about. And in 2016, we’re walking for KidzWish.

KidzWish are that rare type of superhero who for over 20 years have helped thousands of sick, disadvantaged and disabled kids in the Illawarra. KidzWish have over $40,000 in wishes from kids like Sebastian and in 2016, the Superhero Walk is aiming to raise $10,000 towards the KidzWish Appeals Program.

Follow the Superhero Walk adventure and if you can, please donate to grant a child’s wish. The wish KidzWish intends to grant will be announced after the Superhero Walk.

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