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The Green Lantern meets Country Hope

The Green Lantern recently met with the amazing folks from Country Hope. These inspirational group of locals provide financial and emotional assistance to over 120 families in country NSW who are trying their best to cope with a sick child who needs medical assistance in Sydney or Melbourne.

“We have a family who recently had to travel to Sydney for life saving surgery to their little girl. Having driven 6 hours their operation was put on hold as there was an emergency with another patient. They were told to come back in 6 weeks. Both parents have used up their holiday and sick leave and are now struggling to get back to Sydney. That’s where we come in. We gave them financial support for their travel, accommodation in Sydney and support with their mortgage as it looks likely one of the parents will have to stop working. We look after 120 families in similar situations in the area and we rely solely on donations.” Said Ellie Webb, Manager of Country Hope.

Green Lantern pledged his support for Country Hope by joining his fellow superheros, The Flash, Robin, Green Lantern, Batgirl and a host of others as they walk 115km’s from Narrandera to Wagga Wagga aiming to raise $3,000 for Country Hope.


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