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Can I still donate?

Absolutely!  You can donate here right up until the end of the Superhero Walk.


Where are the donations going?

100% of all donations go to the Maroubra Bay Public School P&C and to the building of a new playground for the K-2 students.


Will there be media at the event?

Channel 9’s TODAY show will be doing a live cross at 8.20am on Sunday 22nd September from the Superhero Walk base.  Make sure you’re there as your favourite superhero to get on national TV!  There may also be other media throughout the event. 


Can I post my photos to social media?

We’d love you to!  Please make sure you #superherowalk so we can capture all the fun.


Will there be prizes?

Yes.  There will be boy and girl prizes for;


  • Highest fundraising team

  • Best dressed superhero

  • Most laps walked

  • Most creative superhero costume


Rocketboy Pizza will also offer a free pizza party for the Maroubra Bay class who raises the most money.

Where does the Superhero Walk start and finish?

The Superhero Walk base will be located at the amenities block located next to the synthetic soccer field on the Western side of Heffron Park.  The superheroes will be walking in a northerly direction along the designated walking track.  Please note this is not the cycling track but the walking track as shown in orange.

Is there parking?

Yes, there is plenty of parking in the adjacent car park.


Are there toilets?

Yes.  The Randwick Council amenities are equipped with toilets.

Course map - final.JPG

How many laps around Heffron Park will we do each superhero hour?

Each hour the superheroes will be walking 1 lap around Heffron Park.  We’ll be walking at a reasonably leisurely pace which should be comfortable for most kids.


How far is 1 lap around Heffron Park?



Can we walk more than 1 lap?

Yes!  We’d love you to walk as many laps as you like between Saturday 21 September from 12pm – 5pm and Sunday 22 September from 7am – 12pm.  Remember there are prizes for the kids who walk the greatest number of laps.


Can I only join the walk at the Superhero Walk base?

No feel free to jump in anywhere on the track.


What’s the walking track like?

The Heffron Park walking track is a two-way paved track that is relatively flat except for a small hill on the north side.  It’s a public track so please be mindful and respectful of others.  Recreation bikes are allowed.

Are there are street crossings?

The walking track crosses over the car park entrance where the cricket nets are at Jersey Road, the car park entrance on Bunnerong Road and the car park entrance on Fitzgerald Avenue.  Please take extra care to cross these roads carefully and make sure your kids are safe.


Are kids allowed to walk on their own?

All kids are to be supervised by an adult.


Is this a supervised event?

No.  Kids are the responsibility of their parents and are not supervised.  Do not drop and go!


Can anyone come?

Anyone is welcome to join the Superhero Walk between Saturday 21 September; 12pm – 5pm and Sunday 22 September; 7am – 12pm.


Who is walking with superhero dad Tas throughout the night?

A small team of superheroes will keep Tas going throughout the night and early morning. 


What should I wear?

You can come dressed as any superhero you want!  Tas will be changing into a new superhero every hour and you’re welcome to come dressed as that superhero, any other superhero or your own made up superhero.

22 sep.jpg
21 sep.jpg

Can I bring my dog / ride my bike?

Dogs on leads and kids on bikes are welcome.


Will there be food?

There will be a sausage sizzle for the start at 12pm on Saturday 21 September and morning of Sunday 22 September.  All funds raised will go the Maroubra Bay Public School P&C and the new playground for the K-2 students.


Do I need to check in?

No – it’s very informal!  Just come on down dressed as your favourite superhero and join in the fun.


What else is happening at the start and finish?

Murphy Sports will be putting on a few games for the kids during the morning of Sunday 22 September.  The awesome team from Maroubra Bay Care Centre will also be doing face painting and other activities for the kids.


Will there be water?

There will be no water supplied at the Superhero Walk base so please make sure you bring enough for you and the kids.  There are two bubblers located around the walking track.


What happens if it rains?

Our superhero dad gets very wet.  This is an all-weather event – nothing stops a superhero.


Do I arrive as my superhero or should I get dressed there?

You’re welcome to come as your superhero or get changed in the amenities block before you start walking.


What should I bring?

  • Your superhero costumes

  • Sun cream

  • Water

  • Food

  • Change of clothes for after (optional)

  • A willingness to laugh at oneself!



There are rubbish bins at the Superhero base however we ask you to please minimise your waste and recycle where possible.


Who can I contact?

E-mail if you have any questions.

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