I’m a privileged white male from the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and honestly, I have no idea what real adversity really is. 


I naively question how people experiencing homelessness actually cope?  Where do you go for food, shelter, clothing, advise and support?  It’s freezing this time of year in Sydney where tonight, at least 254 people will sleep rough and 592 will be in crisis and temporary accommodation


It astounds me so many people will sleep rough tonight and has fired a passion to do my superhero bit to help. 

This year I’m going to sleep, eat and walk in the shoes of a person experiencing homelessness, living on our streets.  Dressed of course, as superheroes!

The whole way I’ll be eating and living as a person experiencing homelessness.


My aim is to, if only for a few steps, experience what it’s like to sleep and live rough and share the hope and love that keeps these incredible people going.

On 5th August I’ll be sleeping rough in Bondi with my fellow superheroes.  In the morning we’ll walk from Wayside Chapel in Bondi to Wayside Chapel in Kings Cross.  At Wayside King Cross, I’ll walk 28km on a treadmill, which is the average distance a person experiencing homelessness walks every day.  The treadmill walk will be live streamed, and I’ll be inviting guests and staff from Wayside to walk beside me and share their story.

Wayside’s Pastor Emeritus, the Rev Graham Long AM once said about Wayside, “we're not much like a church, which is fine if you're not much like a Christian” which I so love.  It speaks to Wayside’s mission of creating communities with no us and them.  It’s this rare sanctuary where people doing it tough can have a shower, get something healthy to eat, get a change of undies and clothes and be assisted by experts in

getting back on their feet.


Their humble people at Wayside and I was really surprised how small and lean an operation it is when I visited them.  When I explained the idea for this year’s Superhero Walk to CEO and Paster Jon Owen, he said I should walk it barefoot.  When I asked why, he explained homeless people often have their possessions stolen including shoes, so if I really wanted to feel what it was like, I should lose the shoes!  Just that little snippet gave me an insight into what they face every day and more determined to raise Wayside Chapel $20,000 so they can help people doing it tough.


You’ll be able to follow the YouTube live stream here.  I’d really appreciate your donation to the Superhero Walk which goes directly to Wayside Chapel.  No donation is too small!