It seemed like a good idea at the time.  I said to my wife Bec that I wanted to ‘step it up’ this year and work with our local community.  She suggested the local primary school who as it turns out, really need a new playground. Awesome!


But where would I walk?  In my previous Superhero Walk’s, I’ve done 100km’s over 5 days but where’s 100km’s from Maroubra?  Lithgow?  That’s when I had my what ‘seemed like a good idea’.  What if I walked for 24 hours, say, around Heffron Park in Maroubra and every hour I changed into a new superhero costume.  24 hours, 24 superheroes.  And by coincidence, the new playground at Maroubra Bay Public School will cost $24,000 – meant to be.


Seems like a good idea, right? And it was, until my new superhero costumes started to arrive (thanks Costume Box) and I walked a few test laps around Heffron Park.  That’s a long long way in some very awkward and unflattering costumes!


But that’s what the Superhero Walk is all about.  Long periods of humorous humiliation accompanied by chafing and exhaustion.  But I absolutely love every minute and it’ll be worth when we raise $24,000 and get Maroubra Bay that new playground.

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